​Sex and Life Q & A: How to Lead a Healthy Sex Life

14th Feb 2022

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Whether you are solo, dating, or have been in a relationship for years, you may have a few questions. How much sex is a healthy amount? How can I improve my sex life? Or how can I increase sexual enjoyment for both me and my partner? This Sex and Life Q&A will try and answer these questions and some other frequently asked questions.

Disclaimer: the world of sexual pleasure is highly subjective. We are not trying to provide any definitive answers. There are no definitive answers. We are just offering an opinion and hope some of you will find these sex and life answers useful.

Sex and life Q & A: How much sex is healthy?

How many times a week should you have sex? There is no universal answer to this question, and there is no such thing as the average sex life. Perhaps the best way to answer this is to ask another question. If you’re in a couple, are you both sexually fulfilled? If the answer is yes, then you are probably having enough sex. But real fulfilment comes from quality rather than quantity. Rather than the amount, you should focus on having fulfilling sex for you and your partner.

Sex and life Q & A: How can I get better at sex?

If you are wondering, the quickest way to improve your sex life is communication. If you have ever read any online guides about how to get better in bed for guys, you might have seen that confidence, stamina or knowledge of sexual positions are high on the list. But communication with your partner is the most important thing. Why? Because it’s the key to finding out how to truly please your partner.


When it comes to sex tips for men, communication is the key to improving your couple’s sex. Try not to make any assumptions of what your partner likes in bed, instead set a little time to talk about your sex. This may be a little scary or awkward to talk so openly. But make the convo fun by cracking open a bottle of wine. Listen to each other’s desires and what is working and what is not. Remember to listen actively and think of ways you can integrate your partner’s desire into your sex life.

Slow the tempo

Try slowing everything down. Female pleasure and arousal can build much more slowly over time. Enjoy this journey with your partner.

More foreplay

Perhaps the most common response when women were asked what one thing would improve their sex life with their partner was more foreplay. Foreplay shouldn’t just be a prelude to penetration. Many women need some clitoral stimulation to attain climax, so don’t stop just because you have moved onto penetration.

Try some sex tech

Sex tech like penis rings can give you a firmer, longer-lasting erection. Not only that but wearable rings can stimulate the clit at the same time to increase your partner’s pleasure. This doesn’t make you better at sex, but with a firmer erection and added clit stimulation, it can improve your sex.

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Sex and life Q & A: How to increase interest in sex?

Have you noticed a decrease in your libido? Or perhaps you just don’t feel as fulfilled during sex as you used to? Here are some quick fix libido boosters:

  • Mindfulness — mindfulness, the practice of being focused on the situation without any distractions. Try yoga exercises, or a meditation routine to boost your mindfulness. This helps your mind stay focused on arousal during sex.
  • Less porn — porn can be part of healthy sex life. But it can also lead to desensitisation for sex, making it harder for you to be aroused. Try going cold turkey for a week or two and see if it gives your libido a little kick.
  • More exercise — yoga is also great for increasing the blood flow, leading to stronger erections. But any physical activity can work wonders, so try to build some into your daily routine.
  • Certain foods — while a healthy diet is important, did you know that are certain foods like berries that help blood flow.
  • Set the mood — rather than just rushing to “the good stuff” take your time with foreplay. You can even start by messaging your partner with your desires during the day to build the tension. The longer you have for you to get in the mood the better.

Sex and life Q & A: Is masturbation important?

Masturbation can be a part of healthy sex life. Regular masturbation can increase circulation, reduce stress and tension, and elevate your mood. All of this can have a positive effect on your sex life as well. Perhaps a better question is do you enjoy masturbation and what can you do to improve your experience?

Sex and life Q & A: How can I make masturbation more fun?

Do you find masturbation boring? There are many ways to make it more fun.

  • Try new positions – even though you may feel a little silly at first.
  • Try new erogenous zones – For example, try stimulating the taint (between balls and anus). This indirectly stimulates the prostate and can intensify pleasure.
  • Don’t fear the prostate – Once you are ready to take the plunge, why not try anal stimulation. Prostate massagers can help you stimulate the prostate more easily and lead to a powerful orgasm.

Sex and life Q & A: Can sex tech help my sex life?

The world of sex tech is booming. Toys are getting more and more advanced. There is something out there for everyone. But can it improve your sex life? Sex toys are not for everyone, but they are worth trying.

For guys, perhaps the most interesting toys to try are penis rings for couple play and prostate massagers for solo play. Wearable penis vibrators can give you a stronger and longer-lasting erection, while also stimulating your partner’s G-spot.

Get more out of sex and life.

Sex is a normal part of a healthy life. Whether it’s solo sex our couple sex, being open to exploring new sensations can spice things up a bit.